Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I think it's going to be quite a stressful day today. First a business meeting about my festival, then an interview for German press, and after that a competition I'm hoping to win. On end I still have to survive the football match here. On Saturday it was horrible. Did I mention that I hate vuvuzelas?

Wearing: Zara suit vest, H&M top and jeans, Mango sunglasses, shoes from Prishtina (they have a radiant red heel), and of course my bag

I was thinking about making a packing post for you, what do you think about that idea? I know every girl has problem with packing. I also had problems with it, but I'm getting better. Well, I'm not for extra luggage any more...


  1. jesam li rekla koliko volim crno bijeli minimalizam? divno mi ovo! čak i bez đinđi. ;)
    i nisam, a moram pohvaliti friz, prekrasno ti stoji, baš imaš lice za to!

    p.s.naočale su kul. iako mi nekak imaju čudan oblik. ko da nisu baš skroz okrugle. ili ja previše cjepidlačim? XD
    enivej, sejvane su za slučaj da ne nađem neke bolje. ;)

  2. Ovo mi se baš sviđa, jako efektno, a potpuno jednostavno. volim takve kombinacije.
    A post on packing would be very much welcome. I do hate packing!!!, although I'm not bad at it at all, but I get stomach cramps everytime I have to pack my things and it's quite often.

  3. srećno u preživljavanju stresdana, imaš pravu kombinaciju za to ;)

  4. jednostavno i lijepo! prava kombinacija za dan sa puno obaveza! :) nadam se da si pobijedila na natjecanju!! :)

  5. cute outfit! i looooove neutralss! love your blog as well!

  6. wow.. you seem to have all these exciting things going on for you.. i'd think it would be a good type of stress!! goodluck with your endeavors!! :D

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