Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The weather became incredibly unpredictable here. Yesterday hot, today cool. Good that I found this H&M Garden Collection jacket on sale for 10 euros. Anyway, the clogs are also quite new and fckin comfortable!!! Who would say?

Wearing: H&M Garden Collection jacket, H&M tube dress, Zara Clogs, wannabe Proenza Schouler bag

I have some big inspirations last days... first of all, I want to buy a new Longchamp bag. They're my favorites!!! I felt in love with them 2 years ago in Paris, of course. Since then my collection of them is growing. Oh yes, and two more things on my wish list...
These beauties that are impossible to find...
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By bubushka at 2010-07-04

and the second thing on my wish list are long gray flared jeans... hmhmhm...


  1. torba se slabo vidi, a meni je savrshena!

  2. torba se ne vidi dobro, ali mi je savrshena!

  3. Ova kombinacija mi je taaaaaaaaako divna!!!!! <3
    Baš mi je drago što si se vratila.

  4. predivna haljina!! odlično izgledaš! i torba je savršena, jedino mi se klompe ne sviđaju, al to je meni tako :D inače odlično ti stoje :*

  5. Lijepo, lijepo!
    I odlične fotke! :)

  6. aww, e da samo znaš koliko već dugo tražim neke naočale tipa ovih! baš si želim neke takve okrugle..
    inače, komba je krasna, ne lajkam ni ja inače klompe, al ovo je mrak! ;)

  7. Savršeno! <3 I kako dugo želim tu jaknu, što ih još uvijek ima? :)

  8. love this blog - your outfit's great :)